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"Our two year-old attends Miramelinda, as did his brother (now four). I don't think we're planning to have a third (gulp!) but if we did, they would go to Miramelinda too. It's a beautiful little space (tons of light, plants, etc), a compassionate, expert set of teachers, and there’s a robust and engaged parent community. Can’t say enough positive things about it. Both of our children absolutely loved it. My wife and I love it too - we love the notes we get notes about our child's day, every day, the communal rotating weekly snack system, the ~monthly family education nights (the last one was a parent of a former student who's a pediatric dentist - he spoke for a little while and then took about an hour of Q&A), and a lot more. Even though we don't speak Spanish at home, both of our sons (especially our younger) have picked up quite a bit of it at school... our 2 year-old actually thinks my bad spanish pronunciation is funny (because his spanish is better than mine). I've watched both of our children learn and grow - the school is serious about their Montessori programming, and it shows. Both of our children have also formed many lasting friendships at Miramelinda, and group trips to the park after school, etc are a mainstay. Can’t recommend highly enough!"

-Jeremiah H.

"Miramelinda is a beautiful, small bi-lingual (Spanish/English) toddler Montessori school that is lead by a warm and caring guide, Lymichelle. My son loved going to Miramelinda everyday. It is an authentic Montessori program that truly values children as independent learners and contributors to their school community. We loved the community of families who were part of the school and the support each family offered each other. Any family would be lucky to send their child here and Miramelinda offers financial aid to help make Montessori available to all."

-Meghan S.

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